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A Little About Me…

July 8, 2010

Marketing came easy to me, even as a child.  I remember selling Girl Scout cookies and being the top seller in San Diego, year after year… it wasn’t that I was a particularly good sales person… I don’t even like selling that much. It was that I had a plan and knew how to execute on that plan to get the results I needed to be successful.  Today, I do the same thing that I learned so many years ago, with more sophistication and punch.  I am able to strategize thoroughly to understand a market, develop tactics that work, deploy on them, and track and measure the success.   Just like when I was a child, I am able to work with all kinds of people throughout an organization to ensure success.

Through my site, I share with you my education, leadership, and professional experience that has led to my success over the years. I am passionate about building organizational teams, driving those teams to meet the needs of the business, and providing leadership and support to those I work with.   Working together, teams can do amazing things.  They just  need the right mix of experience and support to get them there!


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