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Social Network….will it overtake the Internet?

January 17, 2011

Since the dawn of the social network, there have been questions about where this will all go. As marketing strategist come up with new tips and tricks to push their clients messages farther, the social network is something that is coming more and more into the mix.  Today, corporations are seeking strategists, bloggers, and other tech savvy folks that can help navigate through this new sea of options.

So what does this all mean for organizations… It means that the landscape has changed. In March 2010 Facebook overtook Google as far as market share, according to an article, Facebook Overtakes Google as Most Popular U.S. Website, written by Sam Gustin.  The article indicates that Facebook grew 185% in one week over the same exact week in the prior year.  This indicates that Facebook is taking great strides to continue to grow their market.    Although this data is not conclusive, it definitely showcases that all marketers should include social marketing in the overall strategy.  Many organizations are having great success with LinkedIn, Blogging, and other social networks other than Facebook.

The internet is never going to go away, content is always being created and will always be searched for, therefore the need for access to that information is still critical.  However the way people access that information may be through their social network instead of directly through an internet site like Google.  It is important that organizations make room in their strategy for new networks, new ideas, and new strategies.


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