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Sondra and the Bridge, 2010I have had a wonderful career and I am so excited about the future.  As I have mentioned before, marketing is something that I have been doing since childhood.  My focus is in Strategic Marketing Communications with special emphasis in Demand Generation, Online Marketing Strategies, and Communications. Another area that I am especially talented in, is tracking and measurement.

I am a supporter of sales teams.  Creating materials that sales teams can use and be successful with is important to me.  Creating marketing communications plans and implementing them with the support of a sales team is something that is critical.  The two teams working together make a wonderful and successful union.  In addition to sales, I enjoy working closely with the product teams.  I am a seasoned product solutions manager that complements the product teams to ensure the product is launched properly to bring back successful results.  All of these areas are important to a successful marketing communications team.   I would say there is one additional group of people.  In my mind this group is the most important component and key decision maker in any organization.  The customer is the most important group and key stakeholder that I represent.  I work with their needs and ideals in mind whenever creating something.  I believe that I am the voice of the customer to my colleagues.  Everyone in the organization must understand the needs, goals, and ambitions of customers in order to ensure they are met by our products and services.  This is a very important group that I am happy to work with everyday.

Through the eyes of the customer I develop tactical support tools that meet their needs including developing budgets to support our products, developing case studies, white papers, testimonials, customer outreach programs,  brochures, web pages, and online product demos, web seminars, and individual sales collateral.  In addition I manage our partners and vendors, develop online marketing strategies, including pay-per-click, search-engine optimization, email marketing tactics, and social networking.

Some of the things that I am most proud of include  my relationship with  the sales teams to provide appropriate materials at every step of their sales cycle, developing and managing communications for sales territories in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific, conceptualizing, implementing, and managing marketing programs to support one of our largest products resulting in a 200% increase in sales over six-year period.  In addition I am proud to have received several awards from my employer, including President Circle Award, Circle of Excellence,  and Leadership Team Award.

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