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Samples and Examples…

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work on many projects.  As a manager, I like projects that have many components to them, I think it just is more interesting and effective.

In 2011 I had the opportunity to work on a series of programs for IBM and CDW.  I have included some of them below.


express tape storage solutions

I worked with IBM and their Storage Team on a series of product solution papers, including one on Express Tape Storage Solutions.




Government forum

I worked with IBM on several events, including their online government forum.











This was another IBM event called Performance.  This was one of the event materials that we created for the event.






Cognos Q4_Registration Banner_300x250_FNLA banner created for the an Midsize Business Analytic event.

Cognos Q4_Registration Graphic_728x90_FNL


Money Shredding Program (1)
This is a program we designed and send to CFOs that highlighted what happens when their people are wasting time and money without the right tools.  It was an effective program that our sale manager was happy with.

I think online demos of products can be effective at providing a glimpse of a product to a researching prospect.  I have developed several over the years.  I wanted to develop a demo that highlighted an iss


ue of communication through teams, and what happens if everyone isn’t on the same page.  I used the metaphor of “What happens when you drop the baton” to provide the emotion for this demo.  IHS Standards Expert Demo I wrote the scripting and worked with vendor to select imagery, highlight particular product screens, etc.  It was a large effort and turned out well.

We had a particularly important product launch a few years ago.  I wanted to share with people what happens when quality is questioned.  I used the metaphor, “sometimes you are the bug, sometimes you are the windshield” to discuss quality issues.  We had many respondent call and reference the piece and how it made them think.  It was another effective piece.


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