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Unique Strengths & Talents

Several years ago, the company I work for asked employees to read the book, “Now, Discover Your Strengths”  which is based on Gallup’s study of human strengths and talents.  I am a big believer in the philosophy of focusing on your strengths and less on your weaknesses.  I think that is where people find the passion and drive and motivation to do their very best.  With all of that being said, I wanted to share my unique strengths and how I believe they compliment organizations.

1.  Individualization – this strength is about my perspective on human beings.  I see them as unique and individual.  I believe the differences between them are important to consider.  This strength is important and it works well for me because I am able to understand the working team as a whole and select the right individuals to join.  I can motivate those individuals to extend themselves because I cherish those differences that we all bring to the table.

2.  Developer – this is a strength that I am very passionate about.  I am pleased to be a part of the population that sees the potential in others and wants to foster the growth in those individuals.  I believe that learning is life long.  Working with people to help their growth and to stretch them further is an important part of my own growth and experience.

3. Positivity – I am a team builder by nature and I like my members to know that I appreciate and recognize their achievements.  I always see the glass half full and I always see a silver lining.  Although my feet are planted firmly in the ground this high degree of positive reinforcement helps the teams I work on know they are appreciated and ensures we are all working together and stretching our reach.

4.  Relator – I am interested in understanding my selected teams goals, feelings, and fears.  I am easy to talk to and can help them work through and accomplish their objectives.  In doing so, I am ensuring our organization moves fully forward with a team of content managers.

5.  Empathy- This strength is a very important one for team building in organizations.  I feel a connection to my colleagues and to my company.  We spend so much time together.  Being empathic is a strength because I can relate, so empathy, and ensure the team is feeling a sense of connection.

6.  Achiever –  I am driven to succeed and to success.  I am the person that never drops a ball and that can manage many things at one time.

7.  Futuristic – I definitely am the kind of person that can see and plan for the future.  I can see a project from start to finish before we have even started.

8.  Responsiblity – I take deep responsiblity for everything I am involved in.  This is something I take very seriously.  If a project does well, I am responsible for it and if it doesn’t go as planned, I take that to heart as well.  Anything that has my name linked with it, I take a heavy responsiblity to see it through.

Understanding your strengths is important to any individual.  To me, it highlights that I am a strong manager with a unique interest in those that I work with.  I suppose you can say I am a strong team builder that wants to push myself to the next level, but I also want to see my colleagues and company reach and exceed their goals too.  I am a team player able to ensure that the individuals on those teams are a match and I can nurture those teams to success.  These are my unique strengths and why I have been so successful.  I am excited about the next chapters of my career, but know that these strengths will help me ensure success no matter where my path should lead.

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